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DVD GR 747.3 - Tea with Heather Tea with Heather

Historical Society of Harford County

Object Type: Library

Video HC 630.975 Harford - Harford County farming: Our heritage; our future

Harford County Agricultural Task Force

Object Type: Library

HC 975.274 Forwood - The homes on Deer Creek

Forwood, W. Stump, M.D.

Object Type: Library

MD 921 Douglass - Young Frederick Douglas, the Maryland years

Preston, Dickson J.

Object Type: Library

HC 353.9 Harford - A resource guide on government, local, state, and federal

Harford County Public Schools

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GR MD 929.3 Mowbray - The Early Settlers of Dorchester County and Their Lands, Volume 2

Mowbray, Calvin W. and Mowbray, Mary I.

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MD 975.271 County - A historical resume of the character of the land since 1659

County Office of Information and Research and the Board of Education

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