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Image of 1317p - Postcard

1317p - Postcard

Colorized photograph of double deck highway and railroad bridge over the Susquehanna River.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 4199 - Photograph

4199 - Photograph

Mill-Carrs Mill - 1938. Mill was located on a dirt road that is now Carrs Mill Road in Fallston, MD. The father of the donor, Eleanor (Buck) Osborn, owned the mill at one time. Black and white photo.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 4926A - Print, Photographic

4926A - Print, Photographic

Sheep in pasture of Homestead, property of Thomas R Brooks, Jr.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 1353 - Print, Photographic

1353 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photographic print Unidentified interior high ceiling bedroom with fireplace, ornate surround and moldings, modern contemporary furnishings

Object Type: Photo

Image of 2816 - Print, Photographic

2816 - Print, Photographic

Black & white photograph Churchville School - prior to 1932 Top row: Gladys Belet, Hazel Hawkins, Mary Edwards, Hilda Scott, Unknown, Phyllis Hawkins Second row: Teachers- Lillie Tennant and Nan Tennant; (?) Umbarger, Maude Preston, Helen Cresmer, Lillie Edwards, Mildred Johnson, Bill Derekson Third row: (?) Hawkins, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, (?) Chesney, Lottie Lester, Unknown, (?) Coale, Mary Sue Johnson, (?) Walters Fourth ...

Object Type: Photo

Image of 4817 - Print, Photographic

4817 - Print, Photographic

Dr. Stephen M. Archer, author of Junius Brutus Booth: Theatrical Prometheus, standing beside some of the boxes containing his research papers for his book. Dr. Archer donated most of his research material for the book to the Historical Society of Harford County; the materials make up the Dr. Stephen M. Archer (Junius B. Booth) Collection. Handwritten note on back of photo indicates phot was taken March 2, 2004.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 3637 - Print, Photographic

3637 - Print, Photographic

Color photograph. Howard Fox, Andrew Schmidt, Jill Redding and others at Tudor Hall, historic home of the Booth family in Harford County, near Bel Air, Christmas. Howard and Dorothy Fox owned Tudor Hall from ca. 1968 to 1999. There is another photograph (2000.3.868) of Howard Fox in the same envelope. See "Related " tab included in this catalog record.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 3715 - Print, Photographic

3715 - Print, Photographic

Two color Photographs of the Reckord Mill Farm Supply building. (No digital picture of 1803 - closeup of the taller mill building with birds sitting on the roof.)

Object Type: Photo

Image of 1371p - Postcard

1371p - Postcard

Color photograph of a two-story white building, with a columned porch over the entrance and a large brick chimney. There is a car parked in front. Card is postmarked "Bainbridge, MD, Jul 21, 1957"

Object Type: Photo

Image of 1654 - Print, Photographic

1654 - Print, Photographic

Sepia photographs (4) Joshua C. Smith Blacksmith shop near Nobles Mill Charles Chase Fish wagon

Object Type: Photo

Image of 372 - Print, Photographic

372 - Print, Photographic

Sepia photo Ladies by a stream

Object Type: Photo

Image of 367 - Print, Photographic

367 - Print, Photographic

Sepia photo Dog

Object Type: Photo

Image of 3170 - Print, Photographic

3170 - Print, Photographic

Printer copy of black & white photograph of Theodore McKeldin - Republican Candidate c. 1928 campaign poster. (Note: Ed Wilsey's father in law was his first campaign treasurer.)

Object Type: Photo

Image of 3609 - Print, Photographic

3609 - Print, Photographic

Black & white photograph: Fulford House on Main St., Bel Air, opposite Van Bibber House

Object Type: Photo

Image of 1161p - Postcard

1161p - Postcard

Bel Air Country Club. July 11, 1921. Caption on front: COUNTRY CLUB, Bel-Air, Md. Postcard from Everett to A.J. Rodebaugh, Philadelphia, PA.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 522 - Print, Photographic

522 - Print, Photographic

Sepia photographs (3) Frederick County: Route 240, "Headquarters of Generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Longstreet, Sept. 6-9, 1862"; Frederick County: Route 340, "Crampton Gap" and photo of the memorial arch to Civil War correspondents.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 3647 - Print, Photographic

3647 - Print, Photographic

Three Color photographs of homes, businesses, and traffic on Bond St. in Bel Air MD

Object Type: Photo

Image of 245 - Print, Photographic

245 - Print, Photographic

Black & white photograph Rotary District Governor; Speaker and large audience.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 1545 - Print, Photographic

1545 - Print, Photographic

Black & white photograph (2 copies) of the Harford County Office Building across Main Street from the Court House. Descriptive information on the reverse.

Object Type: Photo

Image of 4814 - Print, Photographic

4814 - Print, Photographic

3 color photos of Bel Air High School Band, Raymond J and Esther E Dombrowski, directors. One photo of Esther Dombrowski, one of Raymond Dombrowski accepting a letter from Park Ranger in Washington, D.C. ,JUly 1977, one of color guard at Bel Air H.S. homecoming fall of 1977.

Object Type: Photo